The Kris Jenner for
your business that has Kylie-like potential.

Are you ready to have the freedom and flexibility for amazing opportunities and finally have control in your business and life?

Group 10

Ready to take  control of your business  to create freedom, flexibility & opportunities?

I partner with 5-6+ figure entrepreneurs and scale their membership using the Recurring Method.

The Membership

The secret to 6-figure memberships that will make you a leader in your industry and will open you up to more freedom, flexibility, and opportunities.


“Hae is your go-to expert for a membership that scales and operates by itself. She has helped me start building my dream membership in just a short time. It’s really amazing!”


myrra kate, founder of course compass

Hey! I'm Hae, and I'm your fairy godmother.

I mean, at least when it comes to memberships.

I started my first membership at 16 by putting Google Ads in a free membership area of my blog. Well, the rest is history. Isn't it?

I've been paid $0.30/hour to work with memberships, and I've been paid $1,300/hour to develop memberships. All the while, I developed a specific framework called the Re:Member Method.

And I'm sharing it with you.