The Subscribed Process

A private client experience for
Building a classy evergreen funnel

An incubator for successful entrepreneurs preparing for their next big thing — just like you.

You know you’re not average. You think and operate differently than most entrepreneurs and that’s why you stand out and are above-average successful than the most. And you and I both know that.

People respect you as an authority and you’re fully booked with your 1:1 coaching or mentorship. You probably have a few group programs, a membership or a course that you launch once in a while.

You know you’re made for more. You know that with the right strategy and support in place, you know that you can change hundreds of lives with your programs.

But you don’t want to have sales funnels that use ‘fake urgency’ or ruin your brand reputation.

That’s where we come in.

We build an exclusive, classy sales experience for your audience through detailed mapping and advanced automations that is 100% on brand. And the best part? It’s completely automated and evergreen.

Ready for a Funnel & Operations Partner Who Will Care About Your Success Just as Much as YOU?

We’ll put an Engine to your Sales Funnel and set up an Elite Experience for your members…

All while YOU stay in your zone of genius, and DOMINATE your industry!


Just imagine having a
funnel & operations team…

Who builds the automated sales funnel for your membership or group program, FOR YOU in just one month.
Who manages the operations for your program so that you can focus on SERVING your members.
Who is a team of tech wizards, copy badasses, design rockstars, and system lovers.
Who thinks for and loves your programs as much as you or anyone else will do.
Who is ready to take all the launches & numbers OFF YOUR PLATE so that you’re focusing on delivering extraordinary results.

Honestly, we’re more than just a sales funnel & operations development agency — we’re a strategical and executive partner who will be ALONGSIDE you and support your business growth.

We’re here to play the long game and help you create a powerful impact!

Your industry domination starts with THE SUBSCRIBED PROCESS, where cutting-edge strategy meets outstanding execution to truly make you stand out from all the noise.

Subscribed Process

✨ imagine if...

You have a program that runs on your terms - on your time, your lifestyle, and your preferences.
You have a sales funnel that automatically converts traffic into customers in the background.
And a systemized approach for growing your sales funnel where you don’t have to hope for new sales.

Here's everything you get with

The Subscribed Process

Kickoff Call

Strategy Kickoff Call with Hae

Develop a Unique & Custom Strategy That Perfectly Fits Your Business


Slack Support from the Team

Support From Hae and Our Team of Developers, Designers & Copywriters

Custom Platform

Custom Program Platform

A Fully Designed & Developed Custom Platform for Your Program


Automated Sales Funnel

Sell Your Program DAILY in the Background While Launching Offers


Copywriting & Design

Your Copy & Designs Done for You, Ready to Implement Once Reviewed


Operations & Tech Issues

We Handle Everything From Operations to Failed Payments for Your Program

Plus, our service is designed where the longer you stay with us, the more support you receive as your business grows.

Here's what we'll do in Subscribed

Ready to sell every day on autopilot, launch new offers, and get people lined up to work with you?

Phase One

Hybrid Membership Model

timeframe — 2 weeks

The first two weeks of working will be all about building a program that runs on your terms – your time, your lifestyle, and your preferences.

We'll start off with an private 1:1 call with you and Hae to build your exclusive program

Phase Two

Automated Sales Funnel

timeframe — 4 weeks

After your membership structure is crystal clear, we'll work on building an automated sales funnel. This includes:

Plug & play sales webinar, emails, and marketing templates
Custom membership site on WordPress (no need for Kajabi)
Custom funnel built on WordPress (no need to buy software)
Done-for-you automated funnel setup
WordPress hosting, plugins, security & 24/7 support (Come with nothing but your domain!)

Phase Three

Systemized Funnel Growth

timeframe — 6 weeks

Once the automated sales funnel is up and running, we'll create promotional materials to be scheduled so that you're not just hoping for sales.


Here’s how this works:

Most agencies charge $3,000/mo +

Our service is structured in a way where you pay us a fixed fee of $950 per month and an additional 15% MRR share from the program we work on for the first 12 months.
From there, you only have to pay us a 15% MRR share from your program moving forward to continue receiving support.
So with your new funnel & operations system in place, you NEVER worry about paying us more than you earn.

“Hae is amazing — not only as
an executive partner but also as a
person in general.”

— Myrra Kate

But Just Because We Do Everything, Doesn’t Mean We Work With Everybody…

Ivory Mix Stock
We only accept 4 out of 10 people who apply - that’s how serious we are about supporting and partnering with the right people.
When we accept you, it means that we 100% believe in you, your program, and your potential.
So we’re investing OUR time, resources, and brainpower into YOUR success.

Spots are limited and they ALWAYS fill up fast. We only work with people we KNOW we can help and screen each application individually.