“When should
I launch my

Why wait three months if you could build an empire of members paying you every month and a huge list of dream clients...now?


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Hey there, my name
is Hae Park.

I design ever-growing membership programs for established entrepreneurs and help them sell out their membership without live launching, creating new monthly content, or having a big audience.

Welcome to our place where we host bold, kind, and happy people.

Starting is half
to your success.

Starting is difficult. But once you start, it's not hard to finish.

And I implement this life-motto of mine when it comes to memberships. It's hard to launch your first membership but when you start, your life will change.


Stop pressing the reset button on your business every month.

build a business that doesn't rely on launches or being on Instagram 24/7


“Hae is amazing — not only as a business partner but also as a person in general.”

She’s so innovative and I don’t know if it’s because she’s an ISTP or what — but she tends to find a unique way to attack a problem. That’s where her unique approach/lesson/framework comes from. Most especially, she’s a great friend!!

myrra kate

Founder of Course Compass