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How to Know If Starting a Membership Site Is Right for You

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Hey all! Today, I wanted to hop in and talk about how you can figure out if starting a membership site is right for you. I’m going to get right into it.

You’re done working 1:1

If you’re exhausted taking 1:1 clients, hopping on sales calls, doing all the work for everyone all the time again and again, and tired of having to support one client to the max, you’re ready to move on.

I personally love working 1:1 with clients, so I don’t mean you should stop working with them all. I’m saying that if you’re too dependent on your 1:1 clients financially, you can’t let go of them because you need to pay your bills, right?

You want clients who love you

If you’re continuing your 1:1 services or coaching, you want to work with those who love you, not the ones you have to love. Yes, you’ll do your best to support them and help them, but it’s the worst feeling if you have to chase after them every time every day.

With a membership, you can get clients who have already experienced some sort of transformation with you and they want MORE. These are the types who don’t need convincing because they contact you KNOWING that they want to go deeper.

You’re finding the middle ground

Lots of my clients come to me because they don’t know whether they want a course or a group coaching program. With Subscribed, I say you take the best of both worlds – credits to Hannah Montana.

Using the Subscribed Model, our clients create a hybrid membership program that is only made up of features that are beneficial to your members, and only those you really enjoy doing.

For example, if you really don’t like creating monthly content (like most memberships do), you can replace it with a foundational concept course and giving members access to monthly group Q&A sessions.

You want a group of your people

Lastly, you want a group of your own people. Memberships I’ve developed with clients and partners have had fabulous communities filled with people my clients enjoyed being around.

If you want to build a group where people are looking up to you, loving your content, and getting transformational results, then you really want a membership that you can scale without having to get new and more people each month.

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Hae Park

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