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You are changing the world; we want to change the way you do it.

An open invitation to founders, coaches, and content creators who are ready to ditch "good enough" & take their digital experiences to the next level.

Here’s the thing…

You’re ready for your next big thing.


You’re ready for your next big thing.

We both know you’re capable of something bigger. You’ve been working day and night to get to this point of success in your business.

But let's be real, you don't have the time or energy to think about your next steps.

Your next leap only begins when you have the capacity to think big.

it's time to stop sacrificing quality for convenience & upgrade your digital experience to the next level

It's time to build the digital architecture that looks beautiful & sets up your brand for success.

and you're ready to make an everlasting impact along the way.

A six-month partnership to empower you for success

Right now...

Your business stops working when you stop showing up on social media.
You’re endlessly having to reinvent the way you launch offers throughout the year.
You don't have a long-term system in place that moves your business forward.
You feel like being chased every day inside your own business.
Your schedule is packed with launching & delivering what you promised that you don’t have time to shift your focus on other parts of your business.

But you should be:

Running a business that doesn't require you to show up 24/7.
Able to shift your focus towards other things in your business (other programs, team, growth, etc.)
Having an automated funnel in place that moves your business forward in without your involvement.
Enrolling people to your programs without feeling chased, anxious, or overwhelmed.
Building a business of your dreams that is meant to impact people and change lives, not just filling your bank account.

This isn't a course or a group coaching program. It's a done-for-you service for women entrepreneurs who are exhausted from live launching.

Here's what you get when you work with us:


Funnel Strategy Day & Launch Event:

We'll design a custom strategy for your funnel & support you with a full launch for your offer before we build your funnel.


Custom Funnel Pages Design & Development:

Responsive funnel landing & sales pages uniquely designed + developed for your offer & branding.


Full Ownership:

Built on the WordPress Platform and hosted by your hosting company, you are 100% in control of your funnel.


High-Converting Sales Copy & Emails:

Every word in the funnel written for your offer's branding and values that will connect with your audience.


Mobile Responsiveness:

Your funnel will be beautiful and clear on any device for your audience.


Tech & Automation Setup:

We love integrations, API links, functions, and automations. Nothing will be leaking through the cracks and we will cover every little detail.

Stop endlessly reinventing the wheel and build a funnel.


We designed & developed a custom automated funnel for Ashley's Dance Fit in 30 Membership.

Ashley came to us with an existing funnel for her membership and a membership site hosted on Vimeo. We doubled the number of subscribed members and designed a unique experience for her members.

ashley chatman

Fitness YouTuber & Founder of Fit Body by Ashley

If you are struggling to figure out HOW all the pieces fit together to build your automated sales funnel – Subscribed is for you!



Inquire Your Project Today!

ready to make an everlasting impact?

This is an intimate, done-for-you service where we build a custom automated funnel for your course, membership, or high-ticket program. Come with your idea & we do the rest.

Let's build an automated funnel that fills in gaps & makes an everlasting impact on your business.

Complete Project Breakdown

We don't patch together a launch + funnel with all-in-one tools that sacrifice quality for convenience.

We cover all pieces of your entire funnel to ensure that your audience have a seamless & excellent experience getting to know and take action on your course, membership, or high-ticket program.

let's break it down

+ tripwire

Myrra Kate Course Guide Tripwire copy
Erika Brechtel BrandType Workshop Landing Page copy

Sales Pages

Erika Brechtel Sales Page copy
Simone McNish Sales Page copy

+ tech setup

Conversion Emails


Gathering Brand Info: Putting together the colors, fonts, logos, photos, etc. that we will use in the funnel.
Offer Foundations: Building the who, what & why of your offer and establishing core values, structure, pricing, etc.
Funnel Flow: Mapping out the entire journey from the marketing funnel to a conversion funnel for your offer.

Funnel Strategy Day + Launch Event

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We will put together a custom funnel + launch strategy based on your pre-work and present it to you on our Strategy Day.

We'll cover everything from the bird's-eye view to the details of the project.

Our goal by the end of the Strategy Day is to have all information details ready so that we don't have to contact you for anything else other than to showcase each deliverable & request revisions.

Writing High-Converting Sales Copy & Emails

Translating your vision into copy that encompasses your voice, catches attention, and calls for action.

Copy for All Landing & Sales Pages
Lead Magnet Delivery & Nurture Emails: Emails that your audience will receive after signing up for the lead magnet.
Offer Launch & Conversion Emails: Emails that build awareness of your offer & launch to those who showed interest.
Abandoned Cart Emails: If someone gets to the last section (checkout page) and leaves, we'll follow-up with them automatically.
Back-End Conversion Emails: 90 days of emails sent to those who didn't join your offer.

NOTE: Abandoned cart emails may not be available for certain platforms.

Landing & Sales Pages Design & Development

From the entry point (the lead magnet) to the tripwire and conversion-focused sales pages, we will design and develop them on WordPress.

Lead Magnet Opt-In Page: The entry point of the funnel where your audience signs up for a free resource.
Lead Magnet Thank You / Tripwire Page: A hybrid of a thank you page and a sales page shown after sign-up.
Lead Magnet Delivery Page: A hosted video page if the lead magnet is a workshop/webinar with the sales page expanded below.
Signature Sales Page: A long-form, conversion-focused sales page for your offer.

NOTE: You may have up to 3 types of lead magnets built for your funnel.

Tech & Automations Integration + Setup

We love integrations, automations, API links, functions, and getting everything to talk to each other flawlessly.

And I personally live and breathe perfecting tech setups.

From connecting funnel pages to your email automation to conditional logic in email sequences and a complete test run, you won't have to lift a single finger on this.


“Hae is brilliant & amzazing — not only as a business partner but also as a person in general.”

She’s so innovative and I don’t know if it’s because she’s an ISTP or what — but she tends to find a unique way to attack a problem. That’s where her unique approach/lesson/framework comes from. Most especially, she’s a great friend!!

myrra kate

Founder of Course Compass

10% of your investment is used for giving back to these causes.

We bring antibiotics to North Korean women who don’t have access when they get infections during their periods.

We purchase winter clothes for North Korean orphans who struggle to survive harsh winters without heat in their homes.