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Ready to make an everlasting impact on your business using automated funnels?

A 90-day custom, done-for-you service to help you stop being tied down to your live launches. It’s time to build that foundational rock that will allow you to reach new heights in your business.

Stop endlessly reinventing the wheel and build a system that works for you even on the weekends or your lazy potato days. 🥂

You're ready for your next big thing.

We both know you’re capable of something bigger. You've been working day and night to get to this point of success in your business.

But let's be real, you don't have the time or energy to think about your next steps.

Right now...

Your business stops working when you stop showing up on social media.
You’re endlessly having to reinvent the way you launch offers throughout the year.
You don't have a long-term system in place that moves your business forward.
You feel like being chased every day inside your own business.
Your schedule is packed with launching & delivering what you promised that you don’t have time to shift your focus on other parts of your business.

But you should be:

Running a business that doesn't require you to show up 24/7.
Able to shift your focus towards other things in your business (other programs, team, growth, etc.)
Having an automated funnel in place that moves your business forward in without your involvement.
Enrolling people to your programs without feeling chased, anxious, or overwhelmed.
Building a business of your dreams that is meant to impact people and change lives, not just filling your bank account.

I'm here to tell you:

“Your next leap only begins when you have the capacity to think big.”

It's time to stop reinventing the wheel & implement an automated, everlasting funnel.

Imagine knowing that you have systems in place to connect, nurture, and launch your offers to your audience on autopilot

...without having to show up on social media, sell on DMs, or endlessly live to launch.

Even more so, imagine being able to have the time & financial resources to grow your brand and your team.

When you no longer are being tied down by countless live launches and constant marketing, you will be handed more time, opportunities, connections, and resources to make the next leap in your business.

Introducing our exclusive service

The Subscribed Process

This is an intimate, done-for-you service where we build a custom automated funnel for your course, membership, or high-ticket program. Come with your idea & we do the rest.

Let's build an automated funnel that fills in gaps & makes an everlasting impact on your business.

What’s included:

1:1 Strategy Kickoff Call with Hae
Slack Support from the Team
Done-for-You Funnel Built on WordPress
Tech & Automation Set-up for the Funnel
Copywriting for Funnel Pages & Sales Emails
Plug & Play Marketing Templates for Funnel Growth
Custom WordPress Membership Platform
WordPress Hosting, Plugins & 24/7 Tech Support

your brilliance + automated funnel = everlasting impact made on your business

ready for some automagic?

Here's what we'll do together in Subscribed.

Phase One

Your Brilliance

timeframe — 2 weeks

You're brilliant, but does your program encompass your brilliance? Before we build your automated funnel, we'll clarify & design your offer to make it even more attractive.

Building a solid foundation for your offer
Identify desires, results, and objections that resonate with your audience to write highly-converting copy

Phase Two

Automated Funnel

timeframe — 4 weeks

After setting the foundations of your offer, we'll strategize, design, write copy, and develop a unique automated funnel that works for you even on the weekends.

Top-of-funnel lead magnet landing & thank you page
Highly-converting sales page & emails
Funnel & program platform built on WordPress
Done-for-you automated funnel setup

Phase Three

Everlasting Growth

timeframe — 6 weeks

Your automated funnel is helpless if you don't put it into work, right? Let's make sure that your funnel grows day after day, even after your time with us.

Creating repeatable, no-brainer marketing pieces that can be published on autopilot
Evergreen marketing such as blog, Pinterest, podcast, YouTube, SEO, etc.
Templates for push campaigns that will enkindle interest without putting in effort from scratch

But Just Because We Do Everything, Doesn’t Mean We Work With Everybody…

Ivory Mix Stock
We only accept 4 out of 10 people who apply - that’s how serious we are about supporting and partnering with the right people.
When we accept you, it means that we 100% believe in you, your program, and your potential.
So we’re investing OUR time, resources, and brainpower into YOUR success.

Spots are limited and they ALWAYS fill up fast. We only work with people we KNOW we can help and screen each application individually.