3 Secrets to Selling Out Your Membership Without Live Launching or a Big Following

“I want to ditch the hustle and make recurring revenue”

without live launching or having a 'big enough' following

Get Your Life Back & Make Room for Impact + Opportunities

We work with entrepreneurs stuck in the hustle to make recurring revenue with memberships so that they can get their time back, run a stronger business, and have space for impact & opportunities.

All without needing to live launch, creating monthly content, or waiting to have a ‘big enough’ following.


“Hae is amazing — not only as a business partner but also as a person in general.”

She’s so innovative and I don’t know if it’s because she’s an ISTP or what — but she tends to find a unique way to attack a problem. That’s where her unique approach/lesson/framework comes from. Most especially, she’s a great friend!!

myrra kate

Founder of Course Compass