Are you overwhelmed by how many options you have to choose from when it comes to creating a membership website? You’re jumping from software to software, unable to find the perfect platform to host your membership (or group coaching) on. Look – I get it. When I started my first membership, finding the right software was the biggest struggle I went through. Even to this day, this is the question I get asked all the time from my coaching clients.

And this is my answer. Every. Single. Time.

It depends on the purpose

What purpose does your subscription serve? Is community and networking the main aspect? Are you trying to deliver knowledge in a series of trainings? Are you hopping on group calls every month and do you just need a place to store them? So many people make the mistake of planning their subscription out of order. And if you’re making the same mistake right now, don’t worry. You are not alone.

Now, you’re probably wondering, “So what IS the order I should plan in?”

So I’ve divided my answer into three, easy, and actionable steps for you.

  1. What recurring problem do you solve?
  2. What core items will you use to solve it for them?
  3. How will you deliver or store the items?

When you answer everything, you basically have a list of features you need to look for. Whether you end up using a software or a custom developed website, if you know what you need and you know that it’s an essential part of your subscription, the answer is pretty much in your hands.

Is it a community-focused membership where all you need is a place to host your monthly calls? Or is it a full-on hybrid where you have everything from courses to monthly coaching and member directories?

Purpose determines the platform

What you’ve been trying to do was to select a platform and create your membership based off of the features the software offered. Why? Why are you doing that?

Let’s say all you want in a membership is a bundle of courses you can give access to. If so, most course platforms (Teachable, Kajabi, Thinkific) will do the job for you. In fact, I would recommend hosting your membership there if that’s the only thing you need in a membership – no need to invest in a custom website if that’s the case!

However, let’s say you need a complex platform where you want courses, meeting replays, events, a member directory, and more. To be honest, you’ll have a hard time finding the perfect software that provides all the features you want. If that’s the case, I would invest in a custom membership website so that the developer can create all the complex features you want on your site. Shameless plugin – I’m a membership developer if you were looking for one 😉

Now, I noticed a problem with these solutions. One option (going with course softwares) is way too limited, while the other option (custom development) is not affordable for most people. Plus, a custom developed website takes anywhere from one month to three months. That’s a long time.

So what I’ve created is a mix of the two – Subscribed.

Subscribed is made up of 3 main parts. The template, training, and coaching.

I’ve developed a custom membership template members can use & customize to get the results of a custom developed website. It’s just, way cheaper. It has all the features a custom website has, but they can customize it just within days.

Trainings will help members plan, build, and grow their memberships. The training goes in-depth to places like customer support, operations, member retention, and much more.

The last feature, but definitely not the least, is coaching. Every single month, everyone will gather on a call and we’ll have a group coaching call. Plus, our community on Slack will give direct access to me and the members as long as you’re a member!

If you want to learn more about Subscribed, click the link here.